Preparing for a Log Cabin

Before you take delivery of your lovely new Crossley Log Cabin, it’s important to consider a few basic things. Preparing for a log cabin will ensure it has a longer life and an easier install.

The Basics:

  • It is extremely important that the proposed site is not prone to regular flooding.
  • Prepare the site properly before delivery, such as movinge any obstructions.
  • Allow at least 4″ all around the base area to accommodate the overhang of the roof. Depending on the size of the cabin it may have a larger overhang.
  • Check the exact specifications of the building to be ordered therefore avoiding unexpected problems.


The Base:

  • To qualify for the 12 months, guarantee of your cabin, we recommend using paving flags, concrete base panels or a full concrete slab for a square, solid and level base.
  • To arrange for Crossley Log Cabins to set out your groundwork prior to delivery and installation, please contact us.

For further details on how to prepare the groundwork for your log cabin click here.



  • Many of our cabins are constructed in VERY large panels. Make sure when you start to plan for your cabin, that there is adequate access for the panels to be brought in and for a base to be prepared. Many buildings cannot be manoeuvred through a doorway or arched gate.
  • On the day of delivery make sure there is access outside the property or build location where the panels can be safely unloaded and manoeuvred. Leave a safe distance between parked cars for example to avoid any disruption or damage.
  • If Crossley Log Cabins are assembling your log cabin it would be appreciated if there is a standard 240-volt socket and electricity supply available for our installation team. (For small hand tools etc).