Garden office

Planning permission for Garden Offices

So, you fancy a garden office. 

You work from home and there’s not quite enough room. Those files are spilling out onto the landing, bathroom, kitchen… 

So, what to do. You have a nice big garden, what the hell. Let’s do the garden office. There are a few things to consider before you launch into your new project. 

Planning Permission

In most cases our log cabins fit into permitted development rules. (See our article on planning permission). As a general rule a log cabin as a garden office won’t need any planning permission on size grounds. You do need to check that the business you are running from it won’t violate any rules.

The standard for permitted development is a single storey building. It should have a maximumeaves’ height of 2.5m. It should be less than 2m from the boundary of your property. And it also shouldn’t contain any sleeping accommodation.

You may need to apply for a full planning consent depending on your buisness. If you are going to have a lot of visitors/customers coming to your office, such as a beauty salon or a barber’s. If you are going to run a business that is going to create a lot of noise or smell. A doggy day-care centre or a taxi firm with lots of people coming and going at unsociable hours, may need consent. Speak to your local planning office before you start your project. Always gain the appropriate permissions and documentation. 

Other things you should consider before you start your garden office project;

Access – for construction and for visitors. You don’t want customers trolling through your living room. And of course, we need to be able to get access to you garden to build your cabin.

Size – how much room do you need? Plan it out the areas you need first before you get started. 

Storage– do you need to be able to lock things away? Our Dual cabin gives you separate areas that you can use for storage and entertaining.

If you are in any doubt contact us and ask! We know our log cabins inside out, so we should be able to help you out whatever you need to know.

For more information see the Government Planning Portal.