maintaining a log cabin

Maintaining a log cabin

So, our installation team have been. They have created your beautiful new log cabin. They have tidied up and gone home. So now what?

Maintaining a log cabin

After you have decorated the inside how you want it; gin bar, man cave, home office. Whatever you fancy, it’s your cabin after all. Turn your attention to the outside. Log cabins are, at heart wooden garden buildings. They are going to sit out in the great British weather. That’s a lot to put up with on a daily basis.

To paint or not to paint

Make sure you seal, stain or paint your cabin in something suitable. Wood by nature is absorbent so anything water based is going to soak in more than something oil based. It’s down to your personal preference on the look you want to go for. However you finish your log cabin, it needs to fit in with your garden and property. There are plenty of seals, and stains available if you want to go for a natural look. Something simple to let the beauty of the wood shine through. Or if you want a bit of colour in your life you can go for an external paint. Something bright and bold, we recommend a high-quality solvent-based exterior paint. We recommend you treat your cabin with a high-quality spirit based preservative. The ideal is within 14 days of installation.

We recommend you finish your cabin as soon after construction as possible. Try and make sure it’s a dry day with some dry days to follow to give it the best chance of drying properly. You will need a couple of coats. Make sure you do the required number and leave adequate drying times between each coat.

How often should you repaint

It will depend on the treatment that you use and where about your cabin is on your property. A maintained, painted or treated cabin will have a much longer life than an untreated one.

Roof and windows

So, you have painted the outside in a victorian soft pastel green. It looks lovely, what else should you keep an eye on? All our cabins come with hexagon roof shingles. Although designed to last, depending on the amount of weather your cabin has to endure, it’s worth keeping an eye on them.

Make sure if your cabin is near any trees or large bushes that nothing is rubbing or pushing on the roof. This could dislodge or tear the shingles and create leaks. Trim all the foliage away. Keeping branches clear of the roof will also cut down on drips and drops after heavy rain or snow.

Check that there is no debris building up on the roof, fallen leaves and branches. These will hold water and eventually rot down and may damage your roof.

Other things to consider

Preparation is key in maintaining a log cabin It’s important that you have a good base for your cabin. Think ahead, it’s not just about making it easy for our installation team on the day. It is also worth bearing in mind how your cabin will move and settle over the years. A good solid base will help the panels and walls stay straighter and reduce twisting and gaps.

Natural timber will expand and contract during the year. The temperature and weather conditions will affect it, even when painted. This might cause gaps or dropping in windows and doors. This is normal and can be adjusted when required.

To find out more about maintaining a log cabin ask our installation team on the day or contact us and ask!