Kentmere Log Cabins

The Kentmere Log Cabin

with many features. Free roof shingles, double doors and a single, double glazed front window. A solid single door to the front with mortice locks as standard. An internal (44mm log) wall inside the cabin, creates an ideal separate storage area. Great for keeping from the main internal cabin.
Made from 44mm thick log, our log cabins have an interlocking threaded bar system. This ties the log cabin structure together.
This strong and versatile log cabin is ideal for many uses. These can include external office space, summer house, workshop or games room. There is a side storage area for cycles, garden furniture, and garden tools.
We manufacture all our log cabins in the UK. Produced by the most advanced manufacturing process available today.


This 4.8m Kentmere Log Cabin consists of:

  • Hexagon roof shingles – free with all log cabins
  • Interlocking log system – with 44m log
  • Double glazed windows
  • Tanalised floor bearers
  • 19mm T&G boards (roof & floor)
  • Threaded metal rod which ties the log cabin securely (hidden)
  • External doors fitted with mortice locks as standard
  • All our windows come with window stays and spinner locks

We recommend you treat the buildings on the outside. Use a high quality spirit based preservative within 14 days of installation.

Kentmere Prices

4.8m wide by:
2.4 meters £3,580
3.0 meters £3,960
3.6 meters £4,690
4.2 meters £5,480
4.8 meters £6,190
5.4 meters £6,950

Installation £550


Optional Extras

Single door: £275
Double door: £430
Single window: £200
Double window: £365
Floor insulation: £21 per sq. mtr
Roof insulation: £56 per sq. mtr

Before you start

Before you take delivery of your lovely new Crossley Log Cabin, it’s important to consider a few basic things. Preparing for a log cabin will ensure it has a longer life and an easier install. Click here to find out more.

Do I need planning permission for a garden workshop or outbuilding?
Outbuildings are considered to be permitted development, not needing planning permission, subject to some limits and conditions. Click here to find out more.